The Smart Switch

Finally, an easy way to tap in dotted 1/8ths on your DL4!

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  • All necessary parts
  • All wire needed
  • Programmed ATtiny85
  • Smart Switch and RGB LED PCBs
  • Footswitch

Support and Documentation:

Smart Switch Kit

Mod Overview

The DL4 Smart Switch gives you the ability to convert tap tempo quarter notes to dotted eighth notes on any delay setting at any time. On top of that, you also get the option to switch quickly between two presets per delay type without the need of an external expression pedal.

What it does:

  • Convert 1/4 note taps to dotted 1/8th tempo
    • Any delay setting
    • Any time
    • Simply Tap the new Smart Switch, and you've got dotted eighths
  • Double your presets
    • Simulate an expression pedal without the bulk
    • Give each delay setting a "heel down" and "toe down" setting
    • Just press and hold the Smart Switch to change settings
    • The new LED tells you what setting you're on

Mod Details

The Smart Switch mod involves installing a new footswitch on the DL4 that is connected to the Smart Switch circuit board inside of the pedal. When you tap in quarter notes on the new switch they are converted into dotted eighth notes and sent to the DL4 via the Smart Switch circuit. Another feature, the Double Preset Mod, provides the ability to simulate having an expression pedal plugged into the DL4. By pressing and holding the new footswitch down for about 1 second, the Smart Switch circuit will simulate you moving the expression pedal from the heel down position to the toe down position or vice-versa. This allows you to have two different presets per delay type.

Please Note: There may be a wait! I make parts/PCB orders in batches of 9. You might catch me waiting on parts or PCBs. In that case, I'll wait until the parts are in, and then I'll ask for payment and ship you the kit.

Check out the Support and Documentation section above to download the source code, installation manual, and Smart Switch schematic completely for free. Be sure to check out the demo videos as well. Thanks for your interest in this mod, and best of luck!

Dotted Eighth Conversion:

The Double Preset Mod:

Under the Hood:

"...arguably the best DL4 mod out there."

Ben Millikan, | 7 Best DL-4 Mods

" was very easy to assemble, and the online instructions were works like a champ!"

Patrick W. | Washington, USA

"I love the mod!! It makes the dl4 100 times better!!"

Ulises B. | Illinois, USA

"Thanks for a great little mod. Makes the DL4 so much more usable."

Nate S. | Virginia, USA

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Smart Switch Kit

Installation Skills

To install this kit, you should have experience with a soldering iron. It would be beneficial if you have done some tinkering on pedals before too. This is a bit of an in depth mod; it includes a lot of soldering and drilling a few holes in your case. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, maybe wait and see what other people say about the mod before attempting it. It'd be a shame to destroy a $200.00 pedal over a $40.00 modification. I strongly recommend looking through the installation manual here before purchasing the kit.

Don't feel like you have what it takes to install the Smart Switch yourself? Schoolcraft Specialties has teamed up with a couple great builders who can do the mod for you! Check out our builders tab for more details.

Smart Switch Kit Builders

If you don't feel like trusting your own two hands with the install for this mod, trust one of our well known and trusted install partners! They will be happy to install the mod for you. They already have kits in stock waiting for you to order! See below for more info. The best way to have an Install Partner install the mod for you is to get in contact with one of them through their website (linked below).


Kinnatone - Central Point, OR

Nose Pedal

Nose Pedal - Nashville, TN


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